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SwedeTeamPromote Your Self / Marknadsför dig själv

promote=marknadsför; your=dig; self=själv

When you for any reason want to promote the fact you, your company or your organization is Swedish.

Use logo as you wish. We don't mind linking to this web site either.

Catch Phrases

"A Swede on your Team is a Sweat team."

"A Swede on the Team is a Sweat team."

"Imagine NOT having a Swede on your Team."

URLs, Uniform Resource Locators

http://swedeteam.com == http://www.swedeteam.com

- With or without 'www' doesn't matter

Guaranteed! indicate a guaranteed URL that you can rely on for own references. Please DO link. We believe in sharing.

E.g. http://swedeteam.com/iso8601 Guaranteed! d
Or, when you feel your audience is web-savvy enough,
simply swedeteam.com/iso8601.


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SwedeTeam SwedeTeam 90x29 1258 / 1318
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SwedeTeam 124x40 1983
SwedeTeam 190x15 1464
SwedeTeam 190x15 1552
All logos takes less than a half second to load @ 56kbps


Google a "A Swede on your Team": goggleaswede google