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SwedeTeam World-Leading Companies

ABB industry Asea migrated into ABB, Asea Brown Bovery
AtlasCopco industry  
AstraZeneca medical Astra migrated into AstraZeneca
Ericsson telecom  
IKEA furniture IKEA comes from Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd. Mr. Kamprad is among the absolutely richest people in the World, compared to B. Gates, W. Buffett, C. Slim.... Fun - cars...
Pfizer (Pharmacia) medical Pharmacia migrated into Pfizer
SAAB technology, trucks, cars Saab automobiles is part of GM, www.saab.com
Securitas security  
SKF bearings  
Volvo technology, trucks, cars Volvo automobiles is part of Ford, www.volvocars.com