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Considering A Swede on your Team?
Check out Vancouver Canucks as reference...

"A Swede on your Team is a Sweat team"

Brief History, Some Milestones

  • 2005: Started the swedeteam.com site, as had so much fun working with lots of Canadians up in Vancouver, and gave 'em a bit of a hard time from time to time, 'Yes, you can thank the Swedes for your teams winning"
  • After this, continued using the site to gather some fun things around Sweden and Swedish people (for fun) but also to promote international topics (for better international collaborations).
  • 2019: part of IT clean-ups and ending some domains, swedeteam.com is canceled and content hereby maintained as subdomain of sarkinen.com - swedeteam.sarkinen.com.

Latest Additions


Sweden Tops 2008 List of Sustainable Countries

The Dutch organization Sustainable Society Foundation, ranked 151 countries' work on sustainable development in 2008 and Sweden tops the list of countries that have the best sustainable development. All of the Nordic countries place in the top 15, with Norway coming in third, Finland fourth, Iceland sixth, and Denmark fourteenth. The survey is based on 22 indicators, including air and water quality, health, renewable energy, gender and education. 2008 report.

Swedish English (Swenglish)

Although the Swedes generally have a very good command of the English language, sometimes they just don’t get it right.:

  • "Please take off your clothes and follow me to the whip room."
    (Translation: May I take your coat and accompany you to the VIP room) ...more Swenglish

The complete document SWEDEN - The Secret Files.

Extract from A Typical Swede - What is a Swede?:

"A Swede is usually punctual, honest, reliable, clean, has his own teeth, and is law-abiding. Evidence of the latter is particularly noticeable at pedestrian crossings. No matter what the weather is like, a Swede would rather get soaked to the skin than cross an empty street when a red light is showing. Similarly, he always wears a seat belt, never drinks and drives, always has a television licence, usually hands in his tax-return on time, invariably has a plastic bag in his pocket when he walks his dog, and never has a bath after 10 o’clock." www.fika.de/typical-swede.html (broken link) (local save *)

Extract from a graduate work by Devon Hylander, graduate student, American University (2004):

"The Swedish Culture

A typical Swede is characterized as punctual, brief, direct, informal, reserved, hard working, efficient, patient, honest, hospitable, serious, fair, and long-lived. To further exemplify these characteristics, applied to the culture is Kluckhohn’s (link to valuescenter.org is broken]) Value-Orientation Model. The five values listed in the model are “basic human problems that [are] common to all peoples at all times and all places” (Zaharna, 2000, p. 1). These five values are:

  1. Time
  2. Human activity
  3. Relationship to other people
  4. Relationship to nature
  5. Innate human nature


A culture emphasizes either a past, present or future orientation. A past oriented culture places importance on its history and traditions. A present oriented culture places importance on the here and now. A future oriented culture places importance on development and improvement.

The Swedes’ time orientation lies in the future. They are a forward-thinking, progressive people. An example of this progressive thinking can be found in Swedish industry. Sweden excels in the production of electronics, automobiles and aircraft. Top-of-their-industry companies from Sweden include SKF, the world’s leading manufacturer of ball bearings, Ericsson, leading the way in telecommunications, Saab and Volvo, both automobile companies. In relation to the environment, the Swedes are looking ahead into the future and trying to ensure a clean, non-toxic world for the next generations to enjoy." eagle1 .american.edu/ ~dh4345a/ index_files/ page0002.html [Jan 2009: broken link] (local save *)

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