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SwedeTeam Canucks - Columbus 5 to 3, All Swedes

Initially sent to partners in Vancouver, Canada. For obvious reasons...

When Swedes aren't conquering the world of business, e.g.

ABB -AtlasCopco - AstraZeneca - Ericsson - IKEA   

Pfizer (Pharmacia) - SAAB - Securitas - SKF - Volvo
(Saab automobiles is part of GM, www.saab.com,
Volvo automobiles is part of Ford, www.volvocars.com)

just to mention a few of the world-leading companies sprung out of the liberal and socially conscience country of about 9 million citizens… Swedes has also always been quite recognized in NHL.

Last night for instance, Swedes were officially recognized for every, I repeat Every, goal made by Vancouver against Columbus when Vancouver won 5 to 3.

Mattias Öhlund, Henrik Sedin and Markus Näslund for goals and Henrik Sedin, Näslund, and Daniel Sedin for assists.

Vancouver finds its range against tired Columbus squad
Saturday, November 5, 2005
Also nhl.com/scores/htmlreports/20052006/GS020204.HTM



Say no more...

Imagine NOT having a Swede on your team… Ok, if no Swedes around, Finns could surely work as substitutes...

(By SwedeTeam partner Sat 2005-11-05)