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Why This Shameless Promotion Here...? (June 2006)

Just because Google is such a great help!! We're sometimes wondering how in the world could we ever have lived without Google?

  • An excellent online search machine
  • Quick and easy conversions, calculations, ... Examples
    • unit conversions: simply type in what you want to convert, e.g. 1.75 in in mm (=44.45 millimeter)
    • exchange rates: 340 euro to usd (= around 434 USD in June '06)
    • calculator: e.g. pi * 5 * 5 (area of circle w/ radius 5)
  • See www.google.com/intl/en/help/features.html for more on features.
    Try something: press Enter key or
  • So, then imagine having all this immediately available on the desktop with just two keyboard clicks away...!

All the above plus also quick search in local documents (on your hard disk), news, weather, and much, much, more.

That's Google Desktop to you!

google sidebar



  • Clicking the Control key twice brings up search dialog:

With simultaneous search in documents on hard disk when you type your search term.

Get It

It’s Free.  And (relatively) small – only 1.6 MB (Windows, June ’06)

Download from http://desktop.google.com/